24 fevereiro, 2016

Disney Nails

   Good morning!! I hope you have all had a wonderful week :) Today I will be showing you one of my favorite things to paint. DISNEY!! Who doesn't like Disney, right? Well, I love it. I know I'm not the only one out there, who loves Disney. So, if there is any Disney fanatics out there, these nails are just for you. :)

  All the of the following pictures are nails I have painted, but not all the designs are my original designs. Sometimes it is easier for me to look at something to copy, while I paint. So I get most of my inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest.

Disney characters and Disney princesses, done using acrylic paint and Gelish polish.
   Okay, theses ones are one of my all time favorites. I did these right before I went to Disney World. They were perfect for the occasion, no? :D

Minnie and Mickey <3 For these ones, I just used acrylic paint and a matte top  coat.

Mickey Sign Language Hands, done using acrylic paint and a gel polish.
  I just did these ones for Valentines Day. Who's a better couple than Minnie and Mickey. Haha

Ariel, done using acrylic paint and a glossy top coat.
Eric and Ariel <3

I love all the Disney Princesses, but my most favorite....is The Little Mermaid. (If you hadn't already figured that out ;p) It's always so fun trying to recreate something you love. 

Frozen!! Also done with acrylic paint and gel polish.

    Frozen!! These were one of my winter manicures. Olaf just seemed like the perfect thing to paint.

  Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Disney manicures. I'd love to see some of you recreate my recreations! If you do, please tag me on Instagram: @polished_by_annah .
  Next week, I'll try and do a step by step tutorial. So it will be easier to explain and see, how I do some of my designs. But for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

                                                             <3 Annah <3

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